Panama, Panama City 19-20 Dec 2011

Left David at 0740 full wets on, no breakfast again but stomach feels better, two lane road for a while not much traffic winding through the hills at times, cool and cloudy then it became a 4 lane road and stayed that like that all the way to Panama City speeds 110-120kph most of the time fuel consumption goes up stopped for gas at 1010, lots of cops mostly single bikes parked on the side of the road watching traffic not doing anything about people speeding through 80kph zones which were the towns or on the highway except right where it was busy then they might step forward and traffic slows nothing else, it started to rain heavy at times  then stopped then started then luckily it stopped (my Nokia N8 GPS phone is not waterproof) just as I reached the outskirts of the City at 1200 pulled up and put the Nokia strap around my neck sharp curves for a while then traffic jam followed the Nokia maps and found the hotel easy arrived at 1240, 435km in 5 hours.

Called Girag Air Cargo but could not get anyone who could speak English the operator kept hanging up on me, decided to ride to the airport tomorrow and sort things out, went out to get some supplies then it started to pour again. The infrastructure in Panama is by far the most advanced of all the CA countries.

Woke up to no rain off to the airport at 0830, the Cargo terminal is around the back, found a couple of girls who worked there who spoke English one was black, there are a lot of blacks here and they speak English must be from the Caribbean side of Panama, after much discussion and Yes and No and Wait, because this is the Christmas break, there are no flights next week last one is Friday, they said I could leave the bike with them and they would try to get it on Fridays plane if not it would go on the first flight in the New Year and I could pick it up in Bogota, Columbia after I returned from Cuba, could not give me an exact date, cost $902 shipping and $200 storage, $1,102 for a 1.5 hour flight. Fingers crossed. Poured all afternoon, this rain is unseasonal its going to ease off tomorrow thankfully.

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4 Responses to Panama, Panama City 19-20 Dec 2011

  1. Brian says:

    50% of the population of Panama have some African ancestary. The Africans were brought in to build the Panama canal.

  2. The map is terribly useful to provide perspective– three cheers to you for putting it up every so often. Wow, that’s a lot of money to ship the bike! Are you also planning a trip to Haiti and Costa Rica, and then the Virgin Islands and Barbados? Amazing what you can do with a little bit of money, lots of time, and a love of the road!

    • desmonc says:

      I am going Island hopping next year after I have finished seeing South America, this Cuba trip was a spur of the moment thing or else I would have been stuck in Panama or Bogota waiting for my Bike. Its amazing how close Cuba is to the US.

  3. Brian says:

    The maps are definitely good to follow your journey.

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