Panama, Panama Canal, 21-23 Dec 2011

I dropped my bike off on Wednesday, you have to ride around the back of the airport to get to the Cargo Terminal. First stop is at the Aduana which is at the gate, get your TVIP exit permit here and also get the stamp in your passport to show your bike has left the country, enter and ride around to the right, go to the blue building, there are no signs, this is the Girag Air Cargo office, wait until they complete the paperwork then they will get someone to take you around the side where you leave your bike and pay the freight charges, walk back onto the road and look for a taxi $25 back to the city, stop the taxi at the gate and hand in a a copy of the shipping document that Girag gives you to the Aduana, keep your fingers crossed that your bike arrives in one piece.

I went to the Cuban embassy to ask about a Visa/Tourist permit, a big black lady at the front desk said in a forbidding voice in Spanish, “I do not speak English”, what a welcome, she did finish up smiling at my broken Spanish in the end, anyway it turns out that you can get your Tourist Permit in Havana, I think hahahaha.

Next day I went on a city tour to the Mira Flores Locks the first set on the Pacific side, there are two sets of locks on either side of the country, quite an amazing sight watching these huge ships rising in the locks and nothing much has changed since 1914.
A visit to the old Colonial city with narrow brick paved streets and a Cathedral. Hot and humid.

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  1. The second to last picture is a very nice one, Chris!

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