Costa Rica, Playa Coco, 15 Dec 2011

I went to bed feeling crook no dinner, nausea this time and woke up feeling worse, nearly stayed another day but took some pills and left the hotel at 0810, good road all the way to the border some slow traffic got there at 0940.

This is the most Bureaucratic and busiest border so far, again I paid to get through quickly, to add to the mess of stamps and paperwork there were about 5000 trucks lined up on both sides of the border and 200 Tour busses, every passenger has to go through Immigration on both sides and get their passport stamped, what a mess people and trucks and busses and cars everywhere. I won’t go into the details, this is what it cost – Exit Nicaragua, $1 for a ticket to get in, $1 to a kid to look after my bike, $12 for the Exit stamp, TVIP is free, $10 to jump the Immigration queue, $10 tip to the Helper = $34. Costa Rica is the worst so far, I had to go to about 4 different buildings all over the place back and forth to get various stamps etc, cost Immigration $10 to jump the queue, TVIP is free but $13.70 for Insurance, $4 weedkiller, $1 photocopies, $10 tip = $38.70. Total cost $72.70 all done by 1110 – 1:30hrs.

Costa Rica immediately feels like it is a notch up on the other Central American countries (except for their border crossing), no huts, good road signs with route numbers, no cars falling to bits and blowing clouds of smoke and the born again school busses have disappeared, arrived in Playa Coco (Coco Beach) a Tourist Village (American)  at 1250, 217km, 4:40hrs, checked into a hotel and went to sleep, went out a bit later bought some provisions, decided to stay on a liquid diet had to get some calories to keep the engine running, early night.

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3 Responses to Costa Rica, Playa Coco, 15 Dec 2011

  1. Brian says:

    The calorie-filled liquid diet looks interesting.

  2. desmonc says:

    Finally a Dark Beer, not sure where the German influence comes from but this hotel has a Tour desk and the guy speaks German

  3. You must be feeling better now what with all the beer bottles… 🙂 Stay well, and don’t feel crook. Is that another Aussie expression?

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