Nicaragua, Granada, 13-14 Dec 2011

Left Managua at 1105 as it is only a short ride to Granada, good 4 lane road got stopped by a cop after about 30min, I was second in a line of 4 cars, the 1st guy pulled up and I pulled up behind him and the others slowed, he waved them all on except for me and then started in Spanish trying to say I had broken some rule asked for my Drivers Licence and money couldnt figure out how much, I just kept saying no and talking in English and using sign language to show that I was just following the cars we were not speeding or anything, he indicated he would keep my Drivers Licence so I said lets go and see a judge and see what he has to say, this guy must have known some English most Nicaraguans do and the authorities are trying to stamp out corruption, he then said “Cuando” asking how much I was willing to pay I said no again and he gave me back my DL and waved me on, last time this happened was in 2009 in a small town on the west coast of Mexico, play dumb, stick to your guns if you have done nothing wrong and wait the guy out and only talk English, kept going got to the hotel at around 1200 around 1 hour and 45km.

Had lunch at the park Granada’s signature dish Vigoron which is Yam topped with deep fried pork skin and chopped cabbage and chopped tomatoes and chilli not bad and a huge mug of  Papaya juice which was really good. Wandered around the town, there is a market and a million tourists and first time I have seen travel agents in Nicaragua. This place reminds me of a poorer version of Antigua in Guatemala.

Spent some time researching options to get across from Panama to Columbia, its a problem at this time of the year because of the holidays so I booked a flight to Cuba for a week over the holiday break, should be able to get a flight out to Columbia for me and the bike early in the New Year.

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4 Responses to Nicaragua, Granada, 13-14 Dec 2011

  1. Loving it, as always. And that meal was served on a banana leaf? How very cool! Also, like the thoughtful paragraphs! Cuba, now? Tell Castro I think he’s a cat. 🙂

  2. marcel says:

    Hello Chris

    Just buy a police uniform that will solve your problems..

    And have a nice trip .

    No worries Mate


  3. Brian says:

    What! No beer!

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