Costa Rica, San Jose, 16-17 Dec 2011

Left Playa Coco 0850 still feeling a little queasy so no food, this is a busy highway winding through the mountains lots of slow trucks and constant overtaking on narrow 2 lane roads, there were a few good bits with no traffic got to San Jose, most modern city so far but still no street names, I knew where my hotel was if I could just find the name of the street, asked for directions and slowly got closer then found it hahahaha, arrived at  1300, 250km, 4:10hrs, checked in and went to bed again.

Next day woke nearly back to normal, wandered around broad roads lots of Pedestrian only Spaces and people Christmas Shopping, visited the Museum well done, millions of Police all in pairs both men and women, not many native looking people, cool and cloudy with a cold breeze blowing here at 1000m.

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4 Responses to Costa Rica, San Jose, 16-17 Dec 2011

  1. The views both inside the buildings/museums as well as the outdoors is always interesting as captured through your camera’s lens. Keep at it!

  2. Brian says:

    “….not many native looking people”
    88% of the population of Uruguay are of European descent.

  3. desmonc says:

    All the other CA countries I passed through, there were a lot of native looking people even dressed in local costume, but Costa Rica they were fair skinned and looked european.

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