Spain, Bilbao, 07 – 09 June 2022

The ride from Santiago de Compostela to Bilbao was fun, through the mountains all the way, there was only a short stretch of toll road at the beginning which I avoided by going down a back road. The back roads are fun but the speed limit is 90kph which is ignored, mostly. A Police car went past in the opposite direction when I was doing 110kph and I was worried for a few minutes because in Australia that would mean they would do a U turn and come after me to save the world from a dangerous criminal and fine me $800 but here in Spain even the Police acknowledge it is not a heinous crime. Police motorcyclists wave to me as they go past at a 150kph hahaha. 566kms in 6:12hrs.

First stop was the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao fantastic architecture and some fantastic exhibits inside, in other words, come and see for yourself. As a bonus there was a special exhibition of iconic automobiles.

The old town is the next place to go in Balboa. For a change it was not raining, I wandered around, had lunch at the Market, a huge variety of Pinchos which are tapas by another name, nothing particularly remarkable in the rest of the city. Went on a ride on the Funicular to a lookout with views of the city.

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5 Responses to Spain, Bilbao, 07 – 09 June 2022

  1. I enjoyed this post so very much! Two specific comments on two of your pictures: that big spider art installation is identical to the one on the grounds of the national Gallery of Art in Ottawa, Canada. We were there just last month.

    I’m surprised you don’t get those Magnum bars in Australia! They’re one of my favorites and come in so many different sizes.

  2. Helen jones says:

    Some great pics there Chris! 😁 x

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