Spain, Santiago de Compostela, 05 – 06 June 2022

Porto to Santiago de Compostela short ride all on the freeway 4 toll stops €22.35 for 233kms in 2:22hrs. A bus ticket for the same journey only costs €20 and you don’t have to pay for your own fuel hahaha. Anyway good ride in fine and cool weather along winding roads, no rain is always a plus.

The next day dawned cloudy, windy and the weather gods threw in a drizzle just for fun. My advice is to stay away from the Atlantic coast, stick to the Mediterranean coast or the Interior of Spain unless you like gloomy weather.

A bus into town cost me €1 and I optimistically did not even bring a jacket, 16c and a drizzle, headed straight for the Cathedral Museum where I spent 3 hours. It is in three separate buildings and then there is the Cathedral itself, very few English translations so you will have to guess what the exhibits represent.

Saint James has an interesting and controversial history, nevertheless he is the Patron Saint of Spain and is very popular.

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