Australia, Cooktown, Queensland, 13 – 15 June 2021

Cooktown – This is where Captain Cook spent seven weeks repairing his ship in 1770 after it struck the reef. And it is also where the word Kangaroo originated,

“Joseph Banks met and spoke with the local people, recording about 50 Guugu Yimithirr words, including the name of the intriguing animal the natives called gangurru (which he transcribed as “Kangaru”). Cook recorded the local name as “Kangooroo, or Kanguru”

I first came here in 2001 when it was a village with a dirt road leading to it and I was riding a GTR1000 a big touring bike hahaha, still I made it back to Cairns in one piece. The road is now paved and very nice which means there are Hotels and Resorts and four caravan parks, all full. If you want to visit now you need to book ahead of time. There was also a festival of some sort going on but there did not look like there was much activity.

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