Australia, Queensland, Ingham, 12 June 2021

Townsville to Ingham and then Wallaman Falls took 2:15 hrs on a cool and overcast day. The drive from the highway to the Falls is quite steep and shrouded in mist on a narrow winding road. Arrived at 10:45 am and the Falls were completely obscured by mist. There were a few other people there and many of them left, I nearly left as well but having nothing else to do decided to wait and see if the mist would disperse. I checked a couple of times but still could not see a thing and then to my great surprise the mist cleared at 13:00 to reveal the Falls, magnificent, all the more so because I thought I was not going to see them. They are the tallest falls in Australia at 269m.

Next stop was the “Pub with no Beer” made famous by Slim Dusty, an Australian singer and icon, a fun stop.

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