Croatia, Rijeka, 13 – 16 August 2019

Apatin to Rijeka, Croatia – Short ride to the Croatian border over the back roads, this is not a busy crossing either, only a few cars waiting at the Serbian end and being on a bike I rode to the front of the queue, this is an accepted practice, handed in the Hotel Registration and got my passport stamped. Next ride across the Danube river which is the border, same procedure at Croatian Immigration, did not have to open panniers. More back roads and then a Toll Plaza and onto a freeway, speed limit 130 kph, stopped for petrol short of Zagreb and put my jacket on, colder and a few spots of rain, the toll for this section was 11 euro. Continued on the freeway past Zagreb to Rijeka, this bit was through the mountains colder and more interesting with many tunnels, another stop for petrol and then paid the toll 6 euro. Total distance 499 km in 5:30 hours.

Rijeka – third largest city in Croatia has an interesting past. They call themselves Fiumans and even have their own Fiuman language. This is peak season and the whole coastline is crowded with people on holiday.

Day trip to the Opatija Riveria, I took bus 32, you will need a Zone 3 return ticket cost 26 Kuna. The day was August 15, Assumption Day, a major public holiday in this area.


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