Serbia, Apatin, 11 – 12 August 2019

Timisoara to Apatin, Serbia – Once again a remote border crossing and I was the only one crossing. Handed in my Passport and Bike Registration, stamp in passport and rode 100m to Serbian Immigration, another stamp and I was told that because I would be in the country for 2 nights I must register at a Police Station. Total time take 10 minutes, could not get any faster. Two lane roads a bit rough at times, small villages and towns along the way, quite warm over 30c, at one point Garmin took me down a road that ended in a dirt track hahaha, turned around and found another way. This happens periodically, the last time was in Siberia and I kept going cross country until I got to a road. This time I could see I had a choice of other roads so turned around. Stopped in a town and looked for a Police Station but the closest one was 18 km out of my route so decided to carry on and ask at the hotel. A peaceful ride 238 km in 3:50 hours. The guy at the hotel told me not to worry about going to the Police Station as hotels normally take care of the registration, dopey at the border should have known this. He gave me the Registration document the following day.

Apatin – the only reason I stopped here was to relax by the river Danube for a couple of days and that’s what I did. I had an air-conditioned room at the Marina which was very nice in the 35c temperatures and there was a restaurant next door. The Blue Danube is not blue, its green hahaha. Croatia is on the other side of the river, not exactly sure how they secure this border as the river meanders along, I could not see any fences.


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