Germany, Leipzig, 09 – 11 July 2019

Veghel to Leipzig, through a densely populated part of Germany. A cold ride at 17c with the occasional drizzle and when I got into Leipzig there were roadworks blocking my path so I had to find a way around them, a fun way to end the ride especially when you take into account one way streets hahaha. 583 km and 6:35 hours with two stops.

Leipzig, the most livable city in Germany and a very nice place to visit. The whole centre of the city is pedestrian only with numerous “Passages” connecting the streets. Trams go everywhere and an all day ticket costs €7.60. Tickets can also be used on the trains and busses and don’t go looking for a bus stop because they run down the middle of the road on the tram tracks and use the tram stops.

St.Thomas Church, many famous composers have played in this church and Bach is buried here.

Leipzig History Museum, a city with a past.

Monument to the Battle of the Nations – this thing is huge, quite an amazing sight inside and out.

First a small museum about the Battle and then into the Monument.

I also visited the Panometer, Carolas Garten. I would have preferred the Titanic exhibition.


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