Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek 22 May 2019

Osh to Bishkek – I decided to continue travelling by road even though I had been told that this was a harrowing drive hahaha, not so, it took 12:30 hours through the mountains and some rugged terrain but the road was paved all the way, sort of and it was fun. The owner of my hotel Asman Guest House was kind enough to take me to the Shared taxi stand at 0600 in the morning, there was only one taxi there that early and negotiate with the driver. It was a mini van that had seen better days, with seven seats and I had to buy all seven seats for 5000 Som or US$70, not bad for a 600km drive. We left at 0620 and arrived in Bishkek at 1850, first a stop for breakfast, next a stop to buy windscreen wipers when it started to rain hahaha, next stop for lunch at a restaurant alongside a mountain stream that served freshly caught grilled trout, a specialty of the area and a few photo and toilet breaks. The driver stopped on the outskirts of Bishkek and I transferred to a local taxi, did not have to pay any extra, the minivan drivers are not familiar with the city streets. The driver did not speak a word of English but we got by with Google Translate.


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  1. Helen Jones says:

    Looks brilliant Chris. Love all the colours, different foods, and different living. 🙂 H x

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