Kyrgyzstan – Osh, 20-21 May 2019

Osh a 3000 year old city but there is nothing left of the past. Probably the most amazing place is the Bazaar which is huge and meanders everywhere stretching about 500m along the Ak-Buura river. Yandex taxi works here so its quite easy and cheap to get around. The food is much the same as everywhere else in this area. You can change your Somoni (Tajik) to Som (Kyrgyz) at the money changer but you will not get a good rate.Women are dressed more conservatively and they still have a big statue of Lenin in the main square.



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1 Response to Kyrgyzstan – Osh, 20-21 May 2019

  1. Helen Jones says:

    Looks like lots of different types of stalls in the big market. Also, the place looks like there is lots of space in the city, very open, is it? Enjoying the updates…..always a beer, lol! H x

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