Tajikistan – Khorog, 17 May 2019

Qalai Khumb to Khorog

It rained all night and that noise combined with the roaring of the river meant little sleep.  Breakfast and left at 0830, rough roads, drizzle, big puddles and muddy road, a few streams running across the road as well hahaha. One check point for passport and visa which is where the copies come in handy, you just give them the copies and carry on instead of waiting while they write everything down. Followed the river Panj all the way to Khorog, trucks from China coming and going chewing up the road and Afghanistan is still across the river. Arrived at Qalot at 1230 for lunch, restaurant and nothing else here, Shorba and bread, black tea and a kebab 30 Somoni, depart at 1310. Sunshine now and colder, altitude 1800m, light drizzle again, arrived in Khorog  at 1630, altitude 2,100m, this is a fairly large town. First thing we did was stop at a Recharge machine to deposit some money into my SIM card so I could buy more Data. We had a look at the Homestay, there was one bathroom and toilet on the Ground floor and my room was up a steep flight of steps on the 2nd floor, decided to give that a miss. Checked Booking.com and found Zarya Hotel, good reviews for $30 and we went there and checked in, clean, very good supply of hot water, private bathroom, good bed, owners spoke English, recommended.


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1 Response to Tajikistan – Khorog, 17 May 2019

  1. Derek D’Cruz says:

    So close to Afghanistan. Amazing photographs. Safe travels.

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