Serbia – Kragujevac, 09 July 2018

This was an overnight stop just off the freeway riding from Zagreb to Turkey. Toll road in Croatia and Serbia, the difference being the Serbian tolls are about a quarter of the price. Crossing the border from Croatia into Serbia took 40 min due to a queue of cars. All Turks returning home during the holiday period to show off their Mercedes/BMW/Audi’s hahaha. I did not take my helmet off and was asked no questions, just stamp my passport and move on. The Serbian guy wanted to see my Bike Registration, did not look at the Green Card Insurance. Good to be back riding again even though it was cold and wet for most of the day though getting wet gloves off and on at each stop took about 5 minutes as I pulled and wriggled my fingers into them smiling all the time hahaha.

Changing currency in this part of the world is difficult and the best (only) place to do it is at the border. The first Shell Station after the border will change your Kuna (Croatian) into Dinar (Serbia) or Euro. The first one I stopped at NIS to fill up would not accept Kuna, they told me to keep riding for one kilometre to the Shell.


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