Croatia – Pula, 15 – 19 June 2018

The ride from Sibenik to Pula along the D8 was a nightmare as far as Rijeka with strong, gusting winds (Bora) trying to blow me off the cliffs and into the sea, completely the opposite of when I was coming the other way hahaha. After Rijeka I turned south-west and the winds died down, built up with holiday towns and then just the road winding along the side of the mountains.

The main attraction in Pula is the Roman amphitheater built between 27 BC – 14 AD, it is big. There is also a castle on top of the hill, not so easy a walk for old people hahaha. The old town is nice and definitely not crowded with tourists like the Dalmatian coast.

I went on a boat tour of the Brijuni Islands, did not get off the boat.

I also went on another tour of Tito’s personal island where he lived for half the year, entertained visiting international politicians and had his own zoo and golf course.

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2 Responses to Croatia – Pula, 15 – 19 June 2018

  1. Loved the narrative and the pictures. Well-done, Chris, and continued happy travels!

    Regards, Simmi D. Isaac


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