Italy, Milan, 26 – 27 May 2017

Milan – greater metropolitan area population 5.2 million and the second richest city in the EU after Paris. The tourist areas were quite crowded even in the off-season and prices quite high. Public transport consists of Trains, Trams and the Subway, cost of a single ride 1.50 euro and an all day pass 4.50 euro.

I also visited the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology, one of the best of its kind, quite an amazing place, huge variety of exhibits with videos and practical examples. There is a separate section with models of Leornardo’s inventions. They even managed to transport a complete submarine from the coast to the museum, a feat in itself.

After the Museum I walked to the Porta Ticinese, this is where the locals hang out, an artificial lake with hundreds of cafe’s and everything is half the price of the Tourist spots. On the way I stumbled across a huge Saturday market around the Sant Agostino subway station, selling just about everything.


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