Italy, Milan, 24 – 25 May 2017

My next destination from Lecco was Milan and again a very short distance so I made a detour to Bellagio and Como. Beautiful drive along the peninsula to the top where Bellagio is located and back down the other side to Como.

The main reason I came to Milan was to visit the Monza Racetrack. Anyone can enter this place, there are a number of entrances, just drive straight up to the Infopoint and book your tours. Probably best to call ahead and find out what tours are available and when as this track is busy, if not racing then testing etc. I first rented a bicycle for 4 euro an hour and rode around the inside of some of the track, there were some Endurance Championship cars on the track testing. Then a drive around the track in a minibus 10 euro and finally a chance to climb and I mean climb up the high speed banking, I nearly landed on my head getting to the top.

I went on a walk and saw a traditional bakery that sells pizza by weight. You point and they use a scissors to cut out a chunk of as many kinds of pizza as you like, then weigh the pieces and you pay. Lady Baker was feeling a little shy, as you can see when I insisted that she should be in the picture, hahaha.



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