Italy, Lillianes and Domodossola, 26 – 29 August 2015

From Albertville in France I rode to Lillianes in Italy. Instead of using the freeway and going through the Mont Blanc tunnel I went over the mountains past Mont Blanc and after a million hairpin bends back down the other side into Italy .

Next way point was Breuil-Cervinia at the base of the Matterhorn on the Italian side, both these mountains are part of the range that forms the Swiss / Italian border. Great ride all the way, not a moments rest and I did not feel tired, 267 km in 6 hours. The graph shows my ride profile, green line is the height and blue line the speed.

Just as I was getting used to saying Bonjour and Merci instead of Buenos dias and Gracias, I now have to get used to saying Buongiorno and Grazie.

Lillianes – small picturesque village in the Italian Alps

Domodossola – fairly large town in the Ossola valley, hot and humid.

The ride from Lillianes to Domodossola was uneventful, flat, many small villages and tunnels while going around Lake Maggiore and quite warm. The last 50 k’s was a toll free 4 lane road.


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