France, Pont du Vaux and Albertville, 19 – 25 August 2015

From Marseille I rode to Pont du Vaux a small town in the middle of France. I used the freeway because this part of France is very congested and would have taken twice as long on the back roads. On the way there was an accident somewhere up ahead and traffic slowed to a crawl so I had to take an exit and rejoin the the freeway further down the road. The biggest nuisance with this is having to take a ticket at the start of a section and then pay at the end of the section or when you exit, not so easy when you have gloves on and your wallet is buried inside your jacket . You also have to do this when you get close to a city, the toll ends and starts again on the other side of the city even though you are still on the same road.

Pont du Vaux – There happened to be a Quad racing festival on which livened things up a little but otherwise I was taking it easy.

Albertville – I took the back roads for this ride through the mountains and it should have been a good one but about 30 minutes after I started it rained and rained the rest of the way and I got wet. My waterproof jacket and pants are 2 years old and not so waterproof anymore hahaha. The following day it was fine.


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    The journey through France continues. And the pictures include food and flowers! Bravo, CD!

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