France, Millau Viaduct, 11 August 2015

I rode to Millau for one reason only, to see the Viaduct. To get here I used back roads through the mountains, best ride so far, 178 km in 3 hours. One and a bit lane roads, no traffic and non stop corners. The A75 is not a toll road but the Viaduct has a toll E4.70 for bikes and double that for cars E9.40. I rode around for 2 hours over, under, around and across the bridge looking for viewpoints for photos.

Millau Viaduct – View the complete video

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2 Responses to France, Millau Viaduct, 11 August 2015

  1. Firhad Cariapa says:

    Hi Chris wow really lucky to see and travel on this eng marvel how are you doing ? Annie and I had a great trip to Turky we were there for 2 weeks .Ride safe regard s Firhad

  2. Reblogged this on Smriti "Simmi" D. Isaac and commented:
    See the Viaduct in Millau, France through the eyes of my dear friend, CD, on his trusty steed.

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