France, Carcassonne, 08 – 10 August 2015

Short ride from Toulouse to Carcassonne but there was a traffic jam (Saturday) starting about 20 km out of the town. I was staying in a village nearby  so I took to the back roads and bypassed the mess.

My first day in the area was a Sunday, I went for a ride through the countryside and got to see a Country Fair with Jousting Boats.


Lac de la Cavayere – created by a Dam

Ville de Trebes

Carcassone – Le Cite

Do not visit this place on a weekend or in July and August and avoid the millions of tourist and their kids. You could stay in Toulouse and take the train and the earlier you get here the better. Entrance to the Medieval city is free but you have to buy a ticket E8.50 for the Chateau and the Ramparts , buy the tickets online and you won’t have to queue.

There is nothing to see in the town of Carcassone itself, shops are closed on Sunday and Monday.

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