Hungary, Bucharest to Deva to Budapest, 19-20 August 2013

I left Bucharest early at 0730 and it still took 30 min to get onto the freeway which lasted about 100 km. After that a 2 lane road through hills and mountains with many towns and villages and a lot of traffic especially trucks, a few bits of freeway around the bigger towns, very scenic following the Danube at times. Some of the freeway sections are brand new and not on the map as yet so follow the signs not your GPS. The plan is to build a freeway linking Western Europe to the Black sea. I stopped at Deva a big town with a fort on the hill above it, looks like it is being renovated. 408 km in 5:45 hrs.

Out of Deva the same 2 lane road and slow going all the way to the border with Hungary. I crossed at Nadlac where I also stopped and bought a Hungarian Vignette 10 days for 26 Lei about 6 euro. This Vignette is electronic, no sticker, there are cameras on the roads that take a picture of your number plate and check it against a database so make sure you get a Vignette before you enter Hungary. You can also change any leftover Romanian money you have at the same place.

Did not have to stop for Romania immigration just rode through but had to stop and get passport stamped at Hungary immigration after that a bit of rough road and then a freeway for the 185 km to Budapest 130 kph speed limit. I arrived on their main National Holiday a bit like Independence day and the roads were deserted. 427 km, 5:30 hrs

I arrived fairly early and went into the center on the Metro, first the ATM and it worked, the local currency is the forint, next a 7 day Public transport pass for 16 euro, it works on the Metro, trams and buses, a single ride costs 0.50 euro and you have to buy a ticket and validate each time you get on, if you forget its a 55 euro fine, ask Warren Beatty, with the pass no validation you just have to have it on you.

Big crowds and special event’s everywhere due to the holiday. I am finally in a place that is what you expect of a European city, buildings are in good repair, you don’t take your life in your hands when you cross the street and people actually wait until you get off the train before trying to get on, civilization almost boring after the last couple of months hahaha.

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