Romania, Bucharest, 14-18 August 2013

The ride from Sofia to Bucharest had some mountains at first then farmland. The Danube is the border between Bulgaria and Romania and I crossed over at Ruse, cars pay a E2 Bridge toll but bikes are free, the river is very wide at this point. There is no Immigration or Customs on the Bulgarian side but across the bridge you have to stop and get your passport stamped by Romanian immigration, the bike was ignored. After that it was 65km to Bucharest on a new 4 lane highway, the last 10km into the city took an hour in 40c degree heat, no rules except traffic stops for red lights most of the time hahaha. 389 km, 5:50 hrs.

Bucharest population 2.2 million big crowded city used to be known as Little Paris in the 1800’s because they copied the buildings and architecture of Paris, all a bit worse for the wear after a 150 years. I managed to find a money changer who was willing change my Bulgarian money. The museum has a couple of exhibitions the rest is closed. Lots of cafes and tourists from neighbouring countries.

I went on a day tour 13 hours to Transylvania to visit the castle made famous by Bram Stoker the inventor of Dracula. This part of the country is mountainous with ski and holiday resorts. It was also ruled by the Austrian/Hungarian/Germans for a while so there are no Greek Orthodox churches here only Lutheran and Catholic and a castle on every hilltop.

and finally this huge building started by Nicolae Ceauşescu the dictator, he was executed in 1989 before it was finished, currently used as the Parliament.

Tip – Visit the Caru cu bere restaurant in the alley to the left of the National Museum

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