Montenegro, Podgorica, 19 July 2013

Left Sarajevo cool and blue skies straight into the mountains, the road gradually deteriorated until it was one lane. Came to a line of parked cars rode through and saw the holdup was due to a crane lifting a Land Rover up the side of the hill. Driven by some French people it had rolled down the hill yesterday when giving way to an on-coming car, went too close to the edge (this is a one lane road) the road dropped away and over they went, no one hurt but end of the holiday. I got there at the end of the saga some had been waiting for hours.

Got to the border, the Bosnia guys just waved me through, crossed the bridge over the Tara river which is the border. Montenegro Immigration said the copy of my Green card was not good enough and I had to buy their insurance, cost 10 Euro, probably a scam of some sort. Temp is now in the 30’s when I left it was 13c, road improved until about 45k’s out of Montenegro it became a 2 lane highway, arrived in Montenegro without realising it until I looked at my GPS, it looks completely deserted, hardly any traffic. Temp 34c, 240km in 5 hours, best ride so far though I would not try this on a Sports bike.

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  1. Nicely done! Continuedhappy trails!

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