Montenegro, Podgorica, 20 July 2013

Podgorica capital of Montenegro, population 186,000, it was bombed 70 times during WWII and razed to the ground and then it was renamed Titograd and rebuilt in concrete.

Definitely not a tourist destination, one clue is no money changers hahaha. Wandered around taking pictures, 34c and blue skies so can’t complain about it being cold and wet. The tourist map of the city shows two Museums, one was a boarded up building and the other was closed, it also shows a Tourist Info place which only exists on the map.

The currency is the Euro but apparently they do not meet the conditions set down by the European Central Bank for adoption of the Euro, well it makes my life easier hahaha. Kosovo is the only other non-EU country to use the Euro as its official currency. The whole currency situation is quite weird in this region with some people preferring to and quite happy to take Euro’s as payment and others paranoid saying No, No, not allowed.

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