Slovenia, Ljubljana, 6-9 July 2013

Ljubljana – population 280,000, Altitude 298 m, Average temp Winter -2c and Summer 20c, Currency Euro, Member of the EU.

A very nice place, the people are easy going, friendly and helpful, the second language is English, very organised and clean, buses are modern and a cheap way to get around. You buy a plastic card for E2 and then its E1.20 a ride which can last upto 90 minutes on multiple buses/routes

Lots of old buildings, cafes, pubs and restaurants in the old town where all the tourists hang out, very green with many trees, the roads are good and traffic is sparse.

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2 Responses to Slovenia, Ljubljana, 6-9 July 2013

  1. Looks like a great place for a vacation! Must put it on my to-see list. Have fun!

  2. The buildings look so beautiful and interesting!
    I can easily spend an afternoon here.

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