Netherlands to Slovenia, 3-6 July 2013

Left Veghel, Netherlands in a  drizzle and it rained all day through Germany except for an hour just before crossing the Swiss border. Riding in the rain is very tiring as helmets do not have wipers and you have to keep wiping and turning your head constantly to blow the water off the visor. A freeway toll pass costing 40 Swiss franks is required to drive on the Swiss freeways, its valid from December to January of the following year 14 months, so if you buy it half way through the year you only get the rest of the year plus January to use it and you have to buy the annual pass even if you are only in the country for a day. Stayed in the village of Gondiswil for a couple of days while visiting a friend, went on a day trip to Lucerne.

Left Switzerland and rode through Leichtenstein and Austria to stop in Sistrans another village in the hills above Innsbruck, very pretty, lots of tunnels some very long with their own tolls. The Austrian freeways also require a toll pass but you can buy one for 10 days for E9.55, this is the minimum amount.

The road from Sistrans to Slovenia was right through the Alps and not a freeway  so very slow going many towns and villages and being a weekend all the tourists were out and about, millions of other motorbikes on the road. Again more tunnels and tolls going through a short section of Italy, average speed 60 kph, fine sunny weather all day, looks like summer has finally arrived. The Slovenia freeways also have a toll pass and you can get one for a week for E7.50 for motorcycles which is half the price of the car pass, I already like this place hahaha.

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  1. Awesome! Just the way I remember it!

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