Colombia, Bogota, 1-6 Jan 2012

2.5 hour flight from Havana to Panama, 3 hour wait and then a 1.5 hour flight from Panama to Bogota, Arrived in Bogota at 1700 and stood in the Immigration queue for an hour, got some money out of an ATM and next to the taxi office where they give you a slip which has the fare to your Hotel on it, you pay the driver when you get there $12 in my case checked in at 1900 a long day.

Bogota is a big modern city of 8 million at 2660m altitude, even the PIN on my credit card worked at the hotel first time in a long time, wandered around the city on Monday looking for a road map of Columbia with no success, they have GPS and book maps but no fold out paper maps, BYO for all you travellers out there. First couple of days I was breathless and had a headache getting acclimatised to the altitude, having come from sea level.

Called Girag Air Cargo about my bike on Tuesday and was to told it would arrive on Wednesday night, called them Thursday morning but could not find anyone who spoke English so got a taxi ($10) at 0915 to the airport found the Girag office got the original waybill from them and went to the Aduana which is right in front of their building presented my papers and they did all the work, filled in the forms, all I had to do was sign on the dotted line a few times and they gave me two copies of the documents one for Girag to release the bike and one for me, back to Girag downstairs this time to the warehouse, inspected the bike all ok except for a crack in the plastic of the top box didn’t notice it until I got back to the hotel at 1215, total time taken 3 hours not bad and what a relief.

Wednesday was a tour of the Salt Cathedral, inside a working salt mine located in Zipaquira, huge caverns quite an amazing sight.

Friday went up to the lookout on the cable car for a view of the city then wandered through the old town lots of other tourists, cool and cloudy, it has rained lightly most days in the evening or at night.

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3 Responses to Colombia, Bogota, 1-6 Jan 2012

  1. Excellent post and pictures! The cable-car ride must have been awesome, the views certainly are. The beer bottle and can collection also looking good. That’s a nice-looking soup, btw. And on another very related note, you might wish to check the preferred spelling for the country you are a guest in. Hint: replace “u” with “o”. 🙂

  2. desmonc says:

    Thank you Simmi, no wonder when I was doing searches I kept getting all the Columbia’s in the US.

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