SCAM – Warning

I have just been informed of this Scam, it was perpetrated on two elderly friends of mine who live in the USA, same age as my parents. Do not pay anyone any money, the person listed as next of kin in my passport is my daughter and if I was to call her she would know if it was me or not instantly. This happened while I was in Panama and if they had checked this Blog it would not have happened.

Here is the story as told by them.

On Dec. 21, 2011, one Sergeant Patterson called us from Dominion Republic asking for us; obviously he had correct details, and the telephone number. He told us that Chris has been involved in an auto accident which was hit and run case. The driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol but Chris was clear. Chris is being held for want of bail. At this point on our insistence that we talk to you, it sounded like you talked to us, telling us that you have been involved in the accident and that you can make only one call. So we were some what relieved by the fact that we talked to you personally.

The Sergeant told us that if we pay USD $2,900.00 Chris could be released by the court. We should wire Western Union cash payment to: James Evans, bondsman in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. After we make this transaction, we should call the Sergeant and give him the “MTCN” (the receipt) number, which we did, after paying $2,900.00 plus service charge of $239.00 for a total of $3139.00. The Sergeant told us that after the release by the court, a full refund in the amount of $3139.00 would be sent to us by check in three days.

On Dec. 22, 2011, this Sergeant Patterson called again and told us that Chris has been released. But the bad news is that he can not leave the country unless he pays his 50% of the damage caused by the accident. His due is $2,500.00  If we pay this amount to  Robert Stern in Cuautitlan, Mexico, after receiving that amount they will put Chris on the plane to Australia. We wired USD $2,500.000 plus service charge $76.00, for a total of $ 2,576.00. We did that too, fearing about your safety.

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2 Responses to SCAM – Warning

  1. Brian says:

    How did they know the name, phone number, etc. of your elderly friends?

  2. Yes, I’m still wondering why you have not clarified this crucial piece of info: how did they get the contact info? Has your computer been hacked?

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