El Salvador, La Libertad and San Salvador, 5-6 Dec 2011

Did an oil change on my bike in the car park finished up soaked in sweat 200% humidity no bike oil available, only suitable SJ oil I could find was for Diesel Engines it meets the specs in the manual so should be ok no slippery additives to interfere with the clutch. Wandered around town, one street along the coast not busy on a Monday. The jetty is both a parking lot for the fishing boats and a fish market. These tiny boats get lowered off the end of the jetty by a crane they go out and catch the fish, get hauled back up on top of the jetty and the fish are sold at the shore end of the jetty, couldn’t get any fresher. Tuesday I hired a taxi and went to San Salvador the capital to check out the Nationl Palace, the Cathedral, the National Theatre and the Museum, 33km good 4 lane road, second biggest city in Central America after Guatemala City looks a bit more organised, the Museum is the best so far. Feels like I have caught a cold/flu like bug, hope my white blood cells are going to get rid of it quick.

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