Mexico, Campeche 11 11 11

I woke up and looked out of the window and saw rain, loading up my bike in the rain while trying to keep everything dry while soaked in sweat in my wet weather gear must be fun to watch, the local yokels had some free entertainment.
500m down the road around a corner appears a lake with a line of cars crawling through, I managed to follow them through it and a few more along the way without going for a swim, after about 40 min the rain eased to the odd shower except for one really heavy squall where I felt like I was being stoned. I just love this job.
The best roads of the trip so far and hardly any villages so I made good time, after the halfway mark and two long causeways I rode into blue skies which lasted the rest of the way, along the coast with the beach on one side most of the time. What started out as a miserable day finished up being a fine one and then I discovered that the map location for my hotel on was wrong and spent 30min asking for directions and getting a flood of Spanish that I could not understand, pointing worked, sweating in the hot sun just like I started the day hahahaha. This looks like a nice place.

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