Mexico, Villahermosa 8-10 Nov 2011

The ride from Vera Cruz to Villahermosa was bumpy, more than half of it anyway, the bike chain was making an ungodly racket and power was delivered in a series of jerks. The road went along the coast for a while and then crossed some mountains and finally the last 100k’s was a good freeway into Villahermosa 472km in 8 hours.
When I got into the city I noticed my handlebars were stiff and would not turn to full lock on the left side. After investigating I saw one of the fairing mounting bolts had come out and got wedged under the steering stem could not work it free without the help of another pair of hands. The next disaster hahaha my laptop stopped charging looked like the power supply had gone bust.
Not much sleep later I headed for the Suzuki dealer at 0900, the mechanic and I managed to get the bolt free and back in its proper place with thread locker applied in about 20 minutes, he did not want any money but I gave him $10. Next stop was a small computer repair shop which was a 100m walk from my hotel, the guy got his multimeter out and found the cable was faulty not the power supply, he gave me another cable and charged $10 problem solved.
Chain could not be done until tomorrow so I had to stay another day, I could have done it myself on the side of the road in the hot sun with traffic whizzing past, no thank you.
It got done the next day and it cost all of $25 to fit the chain and 2 new sprockets (I supplied the parts) plus another $10 tip for 2 hours labour, anywhere else it would have been $200. Bike feels like new now.
Thats my 3 bad lucks out of the way hahahaha.

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2 Responses to Mexico, Villahermosa 8-10 Nov 2011

  1. Excellent post and pictures, Chris– keep up the good work! Glad to see you’ve got the bad luck out of the way!

    For less exotic fare on your downtime, you may wish to check in on my blogs as well. Find me at this Blog Central at: (click on the various feeds) or on Twitter @sdisaac


  2. desmonc says:

    I had a look at Blog Central, amazing and it saves me having to keep track of all your various blogs.

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