Mexico, Tampico 5-Nov-2011

Due to numerous requests I have decided to stop being lazy and start blogging again hahahaha.

During the last 3.5 years of travelling I have caught up with many old friends and family and made some new ones. Thank you everyone for all your help and advice and warnings!!!!

Also I have to do a lot of research and one of my sources are other travellers blogs, now I am returning the favour.

I crossed the border into Mexico on Saturday morning (5-Nov-2011) at 0815 US Central time or 0715 Mexico time it was fairly painless, first I had to go to the US immigration and turn in my Visa card to show I had left the country then cross the bridge $3 toll and stop at the Mexico Immigration and Customs Office. I parked my bike ouside the front door under cover, very convenient.

First the Immigration lady filled in a form for me and I took it across the room to the Banjercitos counter where another lady requested my Passport, Drivers Licence and Bike Registration (did not have to show the Title Document or my Mexico Insurance) filled in some more forms and paid (credit card) $22 for a Tourist visa, $49 for a Temporary Import Vehicle Permit for my bike and a $400 deposit for the bike as well, the deposit gets returned when I leave Mexico, photocopies cost a dollar. All of this took about an hour, only one guy in the queue ahead of me and all the counters are located in the same room, EASY.

Walked out and had to open my boxes for the Customs guys to have a cursory look then on my way at 0900 hrs Mexico time, it all took 1:45 min a lot less than I expected.

The border is open 7 x 24 and Mexico does not have Daylight saving hence the difference in time.  No photographs or cell phones allowed at the border. I bought Mexico Liability Insurance only, (compulsory) online for $103 / 4 weeks, you can buy this Insurance in the same room, the guy that does the photocopies also does the Insurance, it will cost more than online, not sure how much.

Pictures taken on the ride from the Brownsville / Matomoros border to Tampico and in Tampico where I spent the night.

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  1. Fantastic! Welcome to the blogging community! Nice work here; do keep it up! A post a day at the very minimum, please, and if you wish to be ambitious (like me!), at least two or three is even better! Enjoy South America!

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