Mexico, Vera Cruz 6 Nov 11

I left Tampico at 0900 finding my way through the narrow one way streets of the Centro onto the highway, being Sunday there was no traffic, a lot different to when I arrived yesterday afternoon.

The terrain is a very different mountains, winding roads, small towns and villages with the attendant series speed bumps slowed average speeds down to around 65kph much slower than yesterday and a lot like the West coast which I rode down in 2009.

Arrived in Vera Cruz at 1600 hrs, the usual mess of traffic riding in but everyone gives way to everyone else which keeps the fatalities to a minimum. I had already booked a room at a hotel using and marked it on my GPS so finding it was easy, checked in and my bike got locked away in a garage same as the last hotel. A couple of days here should give my aching bones a rest hahaha.

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1 Response to Mexico, Vera Cruz 6 Nov 11

  1. Polly Desmond says:

    Great to read your blog again. Please keep it up and keep sending with the photos. But take care on that bike.


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