Bahamas, Nassau, 28 March – 02 April 2021

Geting to Nassau from Cyprus was a gruelling trip which took 34 hours Hotel to Hotel, 14 hours flying time, via Heathrow. You can buy a Bahamas SIM card at the Airport, ask anyone for directions to the shop, cost US$17.80 for a week. There are also ATM’s where you can withdraw cash, either USD or BSD. They charge a 5.5% commission as well as a US$5 ATM fee, so if you can bring US$ with you because they are just as good as BSD no need for a currency exchange. Credit cards are accepted but they charge you an additional $3 for each transaction hahaha. Taxi to the Downtown area was US$35, there are no taxi meters here

Nassau is Cruise ship central in the Caribbean. The port can hold six ships simultaneously and they are expanding it to hold ten ships. The ships arrive early morning and depart at night. I only saw 5 ships in port at any one time during my stay. Each one of these behemoths can carry upto 6000 passengers, some even more and when they arrive the town is flooded with upto 30,000 people. Tourism is well organised here and the Bahamas Dollar is pegged to the US dollar one to one, both currencies are in common use. Prices are the same as any developed country, this is not a budget destination.


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1 Response to Bahamas, Nassau, 28 March – 02 April 2021

  1. Helen M Jones says:

    Looks like there is/was lots to see and do, colourful, plenty history, – great fun! Glad you are enjoying it all!
    Not the quickest of journeys from Cyprus, but worth all the effort by your words and pics! Brill! 😁 xx

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