Cyprus, Nicosia, 14 – 17 March 2023

Perth to Nicosia via Doha and Larnaca Airports took about 20 hours. Larnaca Airport is small and there are no photos or fingerprints at immigration, in fact the guy barely looked at me, did not ask any questions, just stamped my passport and gave it back hahaha. There is a Airport Shuttle counter which you can not miss at the exit where you can book shuttles to anywhere on the island. I took the Airport Shuttle to Nicosia about 45min and 9 euro. This shuttle does not take you into the Central Bus Station in the Old Town instead it drops you off at their Depot on the outskirts of the city from where you have to find your way to the Old City where I was staying. There were two taxis waiting and they were taken, there is an App called CABCY similar to Uber which I tried using twice but no takers so I walked across the road and got a bus cost 2 euro. This is the App you need for the buses in Nicosia and this is another useful App for Metro and Rural buses

Nicosia – the old town is the place to be, narrow winding streets, many old cafe’s and restaurants, everything is within walking distance. You can also cross over to the Turkish side and enjoy a coffee and baklava. Since the Turks invaded in 1974 and took over the Northern part of the island the UN sent a peacekeeping force which is still in place and it is a serious business because the issue of Northern Cyprus has not been settled, it is only recognised by Turkey. Thousands of non-turkish Cypriots were kicked out of their homes in the North and had to be resettled in the South.

Cyprus is a Cat country, there are cats wandering around everywhere. The museums are all free, quite unusual. This is an interesting place to visit.


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4 Responses to Cyprus, Nicosia, 14 – 17 March 2023

  1. Helen M Jones says:

    Glad you’re having a great time, the sun is shining, and the museums are free!
    Glad you got to pop in to the Turkish area.
    Enjoy your next stop on your journey!

  2. So happy to see you traveling again, Chris! Excellent post, as always! Another one for the must-go-to list! Last fall, we were in Germany, mainly Berlin, but did travel a little bit within the country. God willing, we’re going to do the same kinda of exploring in Spain later this year. One country in Europe at a time! Please know we’d love to see you again whenever you decide to come this way. Until then, Happy Trails!

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