UK, Hastings, 01 – 09 May 2022

The big day finally arrived my release from prison hahaha. I boarded a flight from Perth at 2345 and arrived in Hastings the following evening at 1700.

My bike has been lying idle for 2.5 years now and according to the experts on Google the fuel must be drained and the whole system flushed with fresh fuel or there would be dire consequences. I have never done any of this in the past and my bike just starts and runs on the fuel thats in it. I always fill it to the brim and disconnect the battery before putting it into storage. But this time due to the extended time period I siphoned 8 litres of fuel (tank capacity 20 litres) out and replaced it with fresh fuel and added 125ml of Redex fuel injection cleaner as a precaution. One push of the started button and it purred into life, no worries. I also replaced the Battery and fitted new Metzler Tyres. Next insurance where I was completely ripped off. Because my bike has not been insured for over two years my No Claim Discount was set back to zero and I finished up paying over £400 for 12 months of 3rd party insurance. Anyway the MOT which is the annual roadworthy check went smoothly, no problems but advised to replace the Steering Head bearings next year, they have taken a beating. Finally the Licence Fee or Registration tax which has gone up from £55 in 2014 to £101 in 2022, now I am all set to go. Time for an Ale or two.

We went for a drive and saw some interesting places. Eastbourne Pier, Beachy Head Cliffs, The Village of Blackboys, if this was in Australia it would have to be renamed Grass Tree Village hahaha.


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6 Responses to UK, Hastings, 01 – 09 May 2022

  1. Helen jones says:

    Hi! Are you still in the uk? H x

  2. Alistair Borg says:

    Great to see you are on the move again Chris

    Good photo format with photos larger and the beer tasty

    Alistair Borg


    DIP Accting

    Marketshare Investments Pty Ltd

  3. Firhad Cariapa says:

    Hi Chris long time no see no hear,great to know that yr back on the road again .Things here are fine no excitement or travel with this silly COVID on the scene .Life goes on , estate and back and things like that,met up with a couple of OCs at the Catholic club and then Impis for lunch .Is yr WhatsApp no the same because tried calling you couple of months ago. So have a great trip and be safe any plans this side ? Cheers FirhadagoSwipe

  4. Lovely pics, Chris! Are you coming to see us this year?

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