Australia, NSW, Bathurst, 12 – 14 May 2021

Woolongong to Bathurst is a 3 hour drive so I decided to stop in Katoomba and visit the Three Sisters. There are many walks in this area.

The main reason for my visiting Bathurst was to drive around the Mount Panorama Race track. This Race track is a public road and anyone can drive on it anytime when its not being used for racing and its free. The speed limit is 60 kph and at that speed its scary hahaha. Since my last visit they have added a chicane to Conrod Straight to slow cars down in the name of safety.

There is an excellent museum at the entrance to the track with some legendary winning cars on display.

This area had a Gold rush once upon a time and I visited Hill End and Sofala Villages which survive as tourist attractions.

There is an unusual Museum built by one man which at first glance looks like a junkyard but is worth a visit

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    Hi Chris My friend Leslie would like to hear from you if you are in or near Brisbane as she is on Orleigh Blvd. Her email Take Care, Karen

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