Australia, Tasmania, Somerset, 14 – 16 April 2021

Trip 17April2021


I used Somerset as a base to explore the North West area of Tasmania. On the first day I visited the Nut, a huge rock which is the remnant of a volcano, the Edge of the World which is a rocky coastal area with strong winds and huge piles of driftwood, Trowutta Arch which is a magical walk through a Fern forest like something out of a fairy tale and finally Dip waterfall. Distance covered 416 km in 8:45 hrs over some very torturous winding roads, a fun drive in drizzly weather.

On the second day I visited Fernglade hoping to catch a glimpse of a Platypus no such luck but I did see a few Pademelon. Guide Falls a beautiful waterfall. Hellyer Gorge which turned out to be a walk through a forest to a river and back, very nice. Cradle Mountain which was crowded so I turned around. Champagne and Bridal Falls to which the road was closed but I discovered Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat while searching for the road and finally a 570m walk uphill to the spectacular Leven Canyon. I drove 298 km in 9:10 hrs, mainly fine weather with a couple of hours of drizzle, another great day.


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4 Responses to Australia, Tasmania, Somerset, 14 – 16 April 2021

  1. says:

    Hi Chris I think Tasmania was the most beautiful and awesome post with the lushest forests and waterfalls. Take Care, Karen

  2. Helen Jones says:

    This area looks really fabulous Chris. This is being added to my “must visit” list. Seeing nature raw is just magnificent. Must be so different being in a 4×4 rather than on the motorcycle.
    Great! 🤗 H x

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