Australia, Marble Bar, 18 – 19 August 2020

I left the Roebuck Plains Roadhouse at 0700 hrs and drove almost immediately into heavy fog which persisted for about 30 min. I travelled South back towards Port Hedland until I reached the Boreline Road. This is a gravel road short cut to Marble Bar, with great views, no traffic and in good condition due to the mines in the area. The road is shown on Google Maps but there are no signs for the turnoff, just turn left and keep going until you reach Marble Bar hahaha.

Always remember to carry your EPIRB plus food and water for a week just in case you get lost, breakdown, bogged, break a leg, run out of fuel, etc.

This is a useful website for maps of Australia



Marble Bar is famous for being the hottest town in Australia. It was not very hot this time around, the last time I was here in 2007 when I came through with the Australian Safari Rally it was 40c. It was named after a type of  colourful quartz called Jasper across the Coongan River which was initially thought to be marble. They also found some big Gold nuggets in this area.


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  1. This is lovely and inspiring to read! Hi Ellie, Thanks for sharing informative article. I am looking forward to planning a trip to Australia.

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