Australia, Day 3, Gibb River Road, 29 July 2020

Today I was meant to go North off the Gibb River Road onto the Kalumburu road to explore the Mitchell Plateau and the coast beyond Kalumburu but the Road was closed. All the additional emergency supplies and fuel I was carrying was mainly meant for this part of the trip. Covid flu paranoia reigns supreme, even when there is not a single case of the virus anywhere within 5,000 kms of this area.

The Politicians and the Medical Industry continue to pretend they are saving us ALL from certain death and the gullible, terrified people remain petrified with fear and submissive to their saviours.

The Green Line is the Gibb River Road, 1,055 kms from Derby to Wyndham.                    Day 1 – 373 km, Day 2 – 293 km, Day 3 – 389 km.

Mount Elizabeth to Wyndham the last leg of the GRR, after the first 30km of deep corrugations getting back onto the main road it was a good dirt road. There were a few river crossings with hardly any water in them and some magnificent views of the Cockburn Range.

Aghan Cameleers – interesting history


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1 Response to Australia, Day 3, Gibb River Road, 29 July 2020

  1. Helen Jones says:

    Love the views, the isolation, the opportunity. Great! 👍😁😊💛🌻x

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