Australia, Mt.Hart Station, Gibb River Road, 27 July 2020

Gibb River Road – was used as a route to transport cattle from the farms in the Kimberley to the South of the State. Now it is a tourist route and kept in good condition though the tracks leading to the Stations which offer accommodation can be quite bad with a few creek crossings. The road to Kalumburu and the Mitchell Plateau was closed and many other stops as well.

The first 130km from Derby is a good paved road upto the Windjana Gorge / Tunnel Creek turnoff, after that it is a dirt road with paved sections at certain points when going up or down a hill. The main criteria for travelling on this or any other dirt road is good quality,  All Terrain tyres with a thick layer of tread and strong sidewalls as the gravel used to surface parts of these roads has many sharp stones which can puncture your tyres. After my puncture in Tom Price I fitted 4 new Cooper AT3 tyres, not the cheapest but if they saved me even one puncture they paid for the difference between cheap and good quality tyres. While it was easy to buy tyres at Tom Price, a puncture on this road could turn out to be very expensive due to the fact that it is 660 km long and help is far away. I was also carrying two spare tyres as further insurance.





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2 Responses to Australia, Mt.Hart Station, Gibb River Road, 27 July 2020

  1. Loving the landscape and all your videos as well! Travel safe, my friend. Love from Michigan.

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