Australia, Broome, 06 – 12 July 2020

Eighty Mile Beach to Broome, a few kilometres on the dirt to get to Highway 1 and then cruise control for 3:40 hours, arrived in Broome at 12:00, first stop was a 12 volt shop to get some parts to rewire my Solar Panels/Battery/Inverter connections. From Broome I drove to the Broome Bird Observatory a distance of 25 km of which 16 km is a dirt road. There is no phone signal but they do have Wifi around the office and there are only 6 rooms and 10 campsites and it is rarely full, the perfect place to hide out during the school holidays.

The big picture – 5,236 kms in 28 days. Green = Dirt roads



Stairway to the Moon occurs when the full moon rises and it is reflected on the mud flats making it look like a stairway, use your imagination, very beautiful and mesmerising.

Bar-tailed Godwit – Incredible Journey 21,780 kms every year from Roebuck Bay to Siberia and back, 94 hours non-stop flying marathon.



Roebuck Bay Broome Bird Observatory

Day trip to Broome to visit the Museum and Town Beach


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1 Response to Australia, Broome, 06 – 12 July 2020

  1. Helen Jones says:

    Some really wonderful pictures there Chris. A real interesting mix, indicating a fascinating and varied history to the area. Wonderful. Glad the 4×4 made it – many interesting dirt roads. Beautiful, love it! Thanks for sharing. X

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