Austria, Salzburg, 14 – 17 September 2019

Sankt Lorenzen to Salzburg – This was a crazy ride, first the road had fallen down down a cliff and I had to turn back and find another way. Next the Grossglockner road which costs €26.50 for a day ticket for a bike and for cars its €36.50, the most expensive 48 km I have ever ridden. There was a Tractor festival and a Ferrari/sports car festival going on and there were literally hundreds of these things crawling up and down the mountains causing chaos, absolutely hilarious.

Salzburg – crowded with  tourists, the old town is quite small and walking is the only way to get around. To travel further afield there are busses and and you can buy tickets with an app cost of a single ride is €2 and a day ticket €4.20.

Salzburg Castle – buy an early bird ticket (before 10 am) online and get there early before the tour bus crowds arrive.

Salzburg Cathedral and Mirabell Gardens

Schloss Helbrunn – built by a practical joker with trick fountains that spray guests unexpectedly hahaha. There are tours to this place but all you have to do is take bus 25 for €2 each way, its only about a 20 min ride from the old town.


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