Ukraine, Kiev, 21 – 23 July 2019

Lviv to Kiev – the first 300 km the roads varied from 2 to 4 lane with some rough patches and the last 200 was a good 4 lane road, stopped for fuel twice, one black cloud decided to rain on me for 5 minutes, otherwise fine weather. 538 kms – 6:10 hrs.

Kiev – big city with lots of things to see and do. Population over 3 million with 3 metro lines that will get you close to most places, cost of a ride is UAH 8 or €0.28 and you can pay with Google Pay on your phone at the turnstile, no queuing up to buy a token. Uber is another cheap alternative, most rides are less than €3.00. My Vodafone SIM stopped working due to no credit so I had to buy a plan for UAH 80 which gave me 4GB data and some calls. Basically when you buy the SIM  for UAH 65 there is a minimal amount of Data included and no calls. I also paid another UAH 50 so I could use it as a hotspot.

The Maidan where the 2014 Revolution took place is the first stop for most tourists.

The Babi Yar Memorial Reserve was established in the ravine where tens of thousands of people were massacred by the Nazi’s.


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