UK, England, 09 – 20 June 2019

I arrived at Gatwick and was expecting a queue at immigration but “Surprise”, they now have an automated system for some countries with lots of terminals so I basically just walked straight through to wait for my luggage. From there I walked to the Gatwick station which is part of the airport and bought my ticket to Hastings on the way to the platform, non-stop train and my friend was waiting to pick me up. I decided to spend some time in the UK catching up with friends and of course getting my bike fit for travel.

First stop was getting the mandatory annual safety check called the MOT done and they found the rear number plate bulb needed replacing hahaha. Next change the oil and filter and fit new spark plugs. As the bike is now nearly 5 years old, 60,000 kms on the odometer I decided to fit a new battery as a precaution.

From Hastings I rode West to Storrington, a soggy ride.

Next ride Northwest to a village in Somerset near Bath and a trip to Cheddar Gorge.

A visit to Aerospace Bristol to see a real live Concorde. Bristol was an early pioneer in the aircraft industry.

Lunch and a walk around the historic town of Bath.


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