Uzbekistan – Tashkent, 8 – 10 May 2019

Samarkand to Tashkent on the Afrosiyob high speed train, this time I went to the Ticket Office two days in advance and bought the ticket myself, it cost 105,000 Som (US$12.50). I first looked up the train times and available tickets online and the website I was looking at said “Sold Out” but while the online allocation may have been sold out there were still tickets available at the Ticket Office.

Tashkent, (Thash-kee-ent) capital of Uzbekistan, big city, spread out so basically to get anywhere you have to take the Metro or a taxi both of which are very cheap. A single ride on the metro costs $0.15, you buy a token, there are no smart cards and changing lines does not cost any more. None of the signs or announcements are in English so you just have to count stations. Every and I mean every time I boarded a train a younger person would stand up and give me their seat and this was not just for me it was for any older person. The only other cities I have see this done but not as conscientiously are Tehran and Perth. Use the Yandex Taxi app (it’s the Uber equivalent) to call a taxi and you can go just about anywhere for $2.00.

Chorsu Market, huge indoor and outdoor spread out over a large area

National Museum and Amir Timur Square

Thursday 9 May 2019 was a Public Holiday  in memory of WWII and people were out and about celebrating.

The Plov Centre and TV Tower

Milliy Taomlar, best Uzbek food restaurant I ate at….

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