Serbia – Kragujevac, 07 September 2018

Lyubimets, Bulgaria to Kragujevac, Serbia in reverse this time, almost the same route as when I was coming the other way but they appear to have finished the road works in the intervening months. Managed to go around Sofia on the bypass but not sure if it was any quicker hahaha, after that 2 lanes through the mountains then the border and the road through the gorge. Thousands of Turkish German cars (D) still on the road returning to the EU which makes the borders a nightmare if you are driving. By now I have perfected my border crossing technique hahaha, first rule is ignore all the signs that say “EU passports”, “All passports”, “Busses”, “Trucks”, etc. just find your way to the immigration booth. The fastest route is around the outside of all the queues, if you try to go between them you will get stuck at some point, when you get to the front, poke your front wheel in between 2 cars and they will let you in. This time a Turkish guy gave me a lecture on how he had been waiting for 2 hours and why should he let me in and moved his car forward to block me hahaha, I ignored him and the next guy let me in. At the Batumi border an immigration officer ordered a couple of cars to reverse and let me through. Besides this one idiot everyone has been friendly and done their best to help me get through the mess, sitting in the hot sun or rain in full riding gear is no fun. All up I was through in 20 min, good 4 lane road after that all the way to Kragujevac. Serbia is on EU time so this will be the last time I adjust my various clocks (bike, phone, 2 cameras, laptop). This is just an overnight stop, a place rest my weary bones.


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